FYP: LightwaveRF, a similar modular smarthouse

After explaining my project to my cousin, she brought to my attention an article in the Metro about this. While the article was pretty broad and didn't really go into specifics, it referenced something called LightwaveRF. After looking on their website I found it's uncannily similar to what I intend to do. Looking specifically at their 'day in the life' page they've done almost exactly what I intend to, and implemented it extremely well.

Upon further reading it seems that they've implemented the technology extremely well, however their general business model seems a bit far from what I see mine to be. All their components seem proprietary, meaning that you must buy it from them - which is not cheap. While you can buy individual components, it seems that you need to get the system installed by an approved installer. I tried calling them to ask some questions, but their offices aren't open on Saturdays; I'll try again on Tuesday.

My project aims to be as open as possible. The control unit at this stage is planned to be an Arduino, a Pi and various other components - all easily available to anyone who wants to make their own. I also feel that providing users with the resources to create their own, personalized modules based around their individual needs is important. Using the wonder that is the 3D printing community it can be relatively easy to create custom modules. Using standardized components (servos, motors etc) with custom 3D printed adapters I hope that this technology can be brought to any home at a relatively affordable price. Either way I feel that Lightwave has warranted a re-think of my project idea.


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