FYP: Working out Modules

Here's a little list of how I expect some of the modules to work:

Master controller:
Phone/Webapp -> PHP POST -> SQLdb entry

Master receiver:
Network capable Arduino/Pi sends several requests to the web DB per second.  

  • Lights
    • RGB bulb/strip along ceiling/wall join
    • 4 pin input -> Arduino -> Wireless transimtter  (RasPI?/Wifi Sheild) -> Phone
  • Sound
    • Servo hooked up to volume knob
    • 4 pin input -> Arduino -> Wireless transimtter  (RasPI?/Wifi Sheild) -> Phone
  • Food
    • Fridge
      • Weight sensors under products to detect quantity and presence. Notification  when supplies are runing low
    • Cooking
      • Grill turns on at schedueled/dictated times.
      • Leave food in grill in the morning
  • Movement
    • motion dectors
    • door open /closed  sensors
  • Security
    • IP cameras - this will also help with keeping an eye on plants/oven/other time sensitive applications.


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