EW Project 2: Constellations

So here I am catching up on this blog. We were given our project brief. The idea was to create some sort of 'constellation' made up of everyday objects that talk to each other. Gianni showed us loads of examples.

The way I understood the project is to take a bunch of everyday household items that can mean different things to different people, generally in emotional or sentimental value. Using this constellation of objects we needed to create a sort of embedded system that does and means different things for different people depending on your relationship with the objects.

The space we chose for this project was the office/home office environment, specifically a shared desk. We actually came up with the idea rather quickly on this one. We didn't spend as much time as we did in the previous project deliberating on past ideas and projects. 

So anyway, the idea. Now when we're working we all agreed that we all get pretty stressed at certain points and need to back away, or relax in some way or another. We generally always fail, or find it impossible to take preventative measures against this stress. The stress can stem from anything, writers block, programmatic issues or other problems. The idea was to create a system that reacted to you getting stressed and adjusted the environment, or rather objects in the environment, to calm you or allow you to concentrate, depending on the individual's preference.

For the sake of the demo the system was going to be: You hit your head on a keyboard, the system activates and a coffee machine turns on. 


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