VC: My Business Idea

Bit late on this one. So after much thought I decided to use the FYP house automation idea in the end. Not really because I wanted to, but because it was the best thing I could think of. I began by writing a script, and ended up with this:

Hello all, I’m Sidd! Many a time I’ve found myself coming home from work or lectures after a long, hard day. So I finish for the day looking forward to getting home, all I want to do is sit in front of the telly and getting a good meal in me. only to arrive and realise I still have to prepare my meal! I’m feeling lazy today, so I take my meal for the day out of the fridge and or freezer, stick it in the grill and or oven, which I have to wait to pre-hear, only to wait another twenty or so minutes for the food to be done before I can turn my brain off and relax. Wouldn’t it be great if it was done just in time for when I got home?  
Now you might be asking yourself; “But Sidd? How is such a feat possible? How could I magically cook food without even being at home?”  Well my friends, I have the potential solution right here! Imagine being able to control your oven or grill with your smartphone… over the web. Would that not be incredibly convenient? So as you leave the house for work, you stick something in the currently unpowered grill. As you’re about to leave your place of work, you could turn your grill on via your smartphone to have your food ready when you get home. 
Now I can see your minds have clearly been blown by this concept, but it doesn’t end there! Imagine having this level of control over almost anything in your house - this is just a pre-packaged thing I bought from ASDA and only really works short range for turning mains-powered devices on and off. My one will incorporate the magic of the internet and allow you to control anything from anywhere. Imagine lying in bed, and being able to turn your lights off with just a couple taps on your phone. Imagine you left for work in a rush, but you realised you forgot to turn your straighteners off. Turn them off with a couple of taps. Imagine lounging on the sofa, reading a book and changing the volume on hi-fi with just a couple of taps. 
Now, after some significant research, this is all possible with the wonders of the Arduino device and assorted components. To make this a reality I’d need a co-software developer, a hardware engineer a researcher/documenter/admin person and potentially a marketer. 

Overall I was pretty happy with the idea, although it's something I'm definitely not going to pursue or take forward as one of group projects due to it being my FYP.


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