VC: The foundations of our company

Chris, Cai & I began developing ideas for what would become known as Bento. Throwing around ideas we began going through the eight point list of stuff we need to to.

We established pretty early on how our company would function logistically. We are to gain client work within our skillset, such as graphic design, web development and digital installations, using some of the excess funds and time to work on personal and research projects helping us to further develop our skills.

We started by talking about the philosophy and values our company's foundation will be set upon.

  1. Our Philosophy:
    • Fun
    • Solving Problems
    • Value over hire
    • Multi disciplinary
    • Learning - widening skillsets
    • Choice - choosing our work - choosing our customers
    • Working in the future - internet of things / advanced web design / etc
    • Collaborating
  2. Our Values:
    • Great design
    • Improving the world
    • Minimalism - Simplicity
    • Enjoying what we do - pride in what we do
    • Doing what we enjoy
    • Providing a high quality of service to our clients

Based on this we tried the 'company in X words' thing and came up with this: 

5 words: Fun, Solving problems, choice future
3 words: Fun, Simple, Solutions
2 words: Fun, Solutions

We felt the concept of 'fun' was pretty core to our ideas, as the industry we're going into is something we greatly enjoy. 

I personally enjoy the work a lot as I've been doing web development and design as a hobby prior to university, and is something I do on my downtime anyway. Recently I've expanded into hardware, particularly the Arduino. All three of us have a set of particular skills within the industry - Cai being more design and frond-end based, while Chris and I more focused on the back-end and development side of things. We all seem to poses the drive and desire to keep expanding our skillset. 


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