FYP: Lego - the best form of rapid prototyping

So Progressing on and actually starting the build of this hunk of technology I decided to tackle the servo first, as I had all the equipment all ready. So simple enough I hooked up the servo to the Arduino and managed to get it working fine with a couple of test values. Using some of the stuff I learned from Chris' and the IBM workshops I wrote a little sketch that connects to the web through my WiFi and subscribes to a topic on Chris' remote MQTT broker. It takes the values coming in from the topic and if they're integers and between the values of 0 and 170 it sends them to the server. I'm using a max value of 170 because my little ol' servo's a bit busted and struggles with values above 170. Using mqtt.io I sent some test values over and it after a little fiddling it worked.

The next step was to hook up the servo to a set of speakers. I attached a spoked attachment onto the servo, and then taped the attachment onto the volume control for my parents' PC.

I looked around to see what I could use to hold the servo steady. I taped a couple of bits and bobs together to try and sort it, but it was so shonky it just didn't work. I looked around again and I spotted a Lego brick. With a gleam in my eye I hunted around for more Lego parts for this to work, ending up with this:

It worked beautifully. I gave everything a final check and set the machine in motion. Below is a video of the functionality. The next step will be to set up acorn.siddv.net to have a volume slider, and set up a Node Red instance to connect Acorn up to the MQTT broker. 


  1. I agree with Dannyleo, this project looks really interesting, keep it up.

  2. Really good project! Keep on making stuff like this and you will get better and better.

  3. Your blog is interesting because your ideas are both creative and functional. I'm looking to it for inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the nice words, really appreciate it!


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