VC: Defining our Mission Statement

So we sat down together to discuss our mission statement, vision statement and unique selling point (USP). We were all pretty in sync about the core ideals of the company. We decided the best way to come up with a solid mission and vision statement was to go off and each do one. We'd later get together and combine our ones to form the final statements. Here's what we did for our mission statement:

Cai: To be the number one advanced technology agency in the south west of England. Providing clients with products that appropriately meet the desired brief 48 hours before the specified deadline. Retain 80% of customers in future services, through implementing thorough design techniques and combining this with the highest quality standards of work that adapts to the benchmarks of the industry. 

Chris: Our mission is to become a successful digital agency developing in the Future. We will use the new and unexplored industry of physical computing, combined with absolute beautiful design. Design that encompasses all in a whole sense, the way our product/service looks, works, feels, functions, etc. We will do this through repeat business with clients, excellent marketing and the highest possible quality standards giving us the ability to choose clients, as they will be approaching us with work.  

Sidd:To create a financially profitable creative studio that can support itself on selective client work (Any work within our skillset and interest range), while spending excess funds and time running personal/research projects concurrently within the company. Client work will be performed to an impeccable standard, with regular client meetings. We present ourselves in a casual, friendly and most importantly, approachable way. Using this method we aim to get to the point where we retain clients for repeat business. 

Combined Mission Statement:
Our mission is to create leading Southwest-based, creative studio that will support itself on client work whilst spending excess funds and time running personal research/projects concurrently within the company. We will be able to be selective with clients for work that is within our skill and interest range, but that challenges us to learn more and evolve our expertise. 
We will present ourselves in a casual, friendly and most importantly, approachable way mostly through simply enjoying our work. By implementing thorough and appropriate design techniques, combined with the highest possible standard of work, our skills adapt to the ever changing technologies within the industry, and in particular we shall explore the new area of physical computing. We will have the leading edge on all competition as we will be working in the future.


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