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Relevant companies:

  • - Main initial company influence - Digital Agency based in New York known as the ‘Custom tailors of the tech world’
  • - Agency in Savvanah, Georgia that do both client and personal projects
  • - Digital agency in San Fransisco, who only create products they want to create.
  • - Company working for profit alongside aiding and developing government websites.
  • - Company in the southwest - part of Plymouth University, working with vaired projects from print, to web deisgn to installations.
  • - Freelancer graduated from university, now running his own 9-6 business while running research/self-development side projects.
  • - Local graphic communication studio, working in the relevant field.

Contacted people/companies:

  • - Contacted and interviewed Ben by Chris.
  • - Spoken to the founder breifly at a networking event, found out interesting fact that they are looking into physical computing.
  • - Interviewed by Sidd. Provided useful information about distributing time between life/work/side projects.
  • - Interviewed Nick. Provided insight into some of the challenges faced when starting up a company.
  • - Interviewed Tom from Fuggart Design - a Design company set up by one person, running in the South West - leading company in the entertainment industry.
  • - Scheduled an interview in January Focus Lab, who already have the interview questions ready to answer.


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