VC: Bento Roles & Business Pitch

So after much deliberation and focus on getting our mission, vision and some of other core ideals of Bento set in stone on content we began the work our presentation. It took a lot of thought to decide on the content of the presentation. To begin with we took our mission, vision and some core ideas. A lot of it had to be cut out to properly format it in the form of a presentation.

Another thing we had to sort out was roles. We set about creating two roles for each of us, one more technically oriented and one business oriented. Knowing where each of our strengths and weaknesses were, Cai's role was fairly easy to define as the Lead Designer and Creative Director. However both Chris and I are primarily developers, so this was a little tricky. We decided to name me the Lead Developer and Technical Director, while Chris went with Interaction Developer and Managing Director. While these are great on paper in reality our set roles would be a bit more blurred, put perfectly by this quote from Breakfast NY, one of the companies we researched:
"Our account guys code, our coder guys concept, and our designer guys do spreadsheets. Why? Because they want to, and see the benefits: they move faster, take part more, and produce better work because of it. We like it when people get the itch to try something new and completely different. We wouldn't exist without that."
Once we had our roles set and refined our mission, vision and USP. We began deciding on who was saying what during the presentation. Initially the three of us were going to present. However we felt that with the way the content worked it would deter from the presentation if we all spoke for the sake of 'all of us speaking'. Cai was to talk about our branding and, while Chris talked about the team, our mission, vision and USP. I was to demo the website while Cai talked about it. Here's the final presentation:



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